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1958 Topps Baseball Cards
1958 Topps Baseball Cards


The 1958 Topps baseball card set includes 494 standard size cards, which measure 2½” by 3½”. The 1958 Topps baseball cards feature the Sport Magazine All-Star selection series (474-495) as well as the first checklists, which were issued on the back of the team cards. The low number series (1-110) is slightly more difficult and expensive to collect. The 1958 Topps baseball set design is clean and no-nonsense. The large portrait or full body shot is displayed against one of nine solid color backgrounds. The player’s name is in large letters at the top in either yellow, white, black or red letters. The bottom of the card features a colored horizontal band with position and team name. Team logos were also used on the bottom front. The back of the cards keep the fun going with cartoons and biographical information. Single line career and year statistics flesh out the design.

Important Notes

#145 not issued in the set

First year numbered checklists were issued

First year All Star cards were issued


Manufacturer: Topps
Year of Issue: 1958
Set Size: 495 Cards
Card Size: 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”


Series I: 1-110
Series II: 111-195
Series III: 196-283
Series IV: 284-370
Series V: 371-440
Series VI: 441-495

Price Guide *

VG – $1,100
EX – $2,100
NM – $4,000

* For Complete Set

Errors & Variations

Pancho Herrera (#433) missing the “a” in last name.

Some cards in #1-110 have either yellow or white team names.


47 – Roger Maris
343 – Orlando Cepeda


1 – Ted Williams
5 – Willie Mays
30 – Hank Aaron
52 – Roberto Clemente
150 – Mickey Mantle
418 – World Series Batting Foes


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