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1961 Topps Baseball Cards
1961 Topps Baseball Cards


The 1961 Topps baseball card set includes 572 standard size cards, which measure 2½” by 3½”. The subsets for the 1961 Topps baseball cards are the rookie stars (116-146), Baseball Thrills (461-470), and the Sporting News All-Stars (551-572). The high number series, which is slightly more difficult to find, ranges from card number 507-572. The 1961 Topps Baseball set has aged well and remains popular with collectors. What had been a few years of competition-free baseball card releases from Topps came to an end in 1961. The Fleer Gum Company released an exclusive 80-card set dedicated entirely to the immortal Ted Williams. Not only did this keep Ted Williams from appearing in the Topps set, but it also re-awakened the possibility of a serious card competing with Topps for baseball card supremacy. Topps had thought the purchase of Bowman a few years back would help them maintain dominance for years to come, but the surprising upstart set from Fleer would put Topps back on alert.

Important Notes

The high numbers are notoriously tough to find in high condition
#s 587 & 588 were not issued


Manufacturer: Topps
Year of Issue: 1961
Set Size: 589 Cards
Card Size: 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”


Series I-IV: 1-370
Series V: 371-446
Series VI: 447-522
Series VII: 523-589 (very scarce)

Price Guide *

VG – $1,200
EX – $2,100
NM – $4,800

* For Complete Set

Errors & Variations

No significant errors.


141 – Billy Williams
417 – Juan Marichal


2 – Roger Maris
150 – Willie Mays
290 – Stan Musial 300 – Mickey Mantle
344 – Sandy Koufax
388 – Bob Clemente
415 – Hank Aaron
475 – Mickey Mantle MVP
576 – Roger Maris AS
577 – Hank Aaron AS
578 – Mickey Mantle AS
579 – Willie Mays AS


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